in case you didn’t already know, I’m Patty!

I am the heart and soul behind this passion turned to business.

Aside from being a photographer I am also a wife, sister and dog-mom to a sassy corgi named Cinnamon. I consider myself just your ordinary girl, but anytime I say that my husband rolls his eyes. So I’ll quit being too modest and give you a scoop into my life:

If you ask me what I want to watch about 85% of the time I will say How I Met Your Mother. Something about that show gets me, and it doesn’t matter how many times I watch it, I always laugh at the jokes and cry at the sappy partas. If you buy me Chipotle chips and queso or anything from Trader Joe’s I will probably hug you really hard. I adore my Mexican heritage and I am super proud of it. When it came time for me to marry I wrestled with changing my last name because I felt like I was losing a piece of my heritage (don’t worry I’m a Rodriguez at heart.) But I LOVE my man, so Norman is AWESOME TOO!

Photographing weddings makes my heart come to life. Every single part of the day is keeps me on my toes, and I am always looking for what I can document next. I will be there to remind you to breath, I will remind you to slow down when you’re wanting to rush through moments, and I will cry watching you say your vows to one another. And I will definitely sob my eyes when you are taking a moment to remember a loved one who is no longer present. What I am getting at is, I am your girl that will be there, every step of the way reminding you to be present and let yourself feel all of the emotions that come with the day.

On a more heart to heart level, I strive to live my life knowing I gave it my all. I want to use this talent until I have nothing else to give. I want to bless those around me, and the people who entrust me with their big celebrations and little victories. But most of all my hope is to always leave knowing I enriched your life, whether you’re here looking for a photographer, or just browsing. I hope you leave with an ounce of joy!

All my love,