Sunrise Adventures

Lauren and Kube are two of my favorite people. It's been amazing to watch their love unfold and to be there to capture their relationship in every stage. I still remember the first time Lauren told be about Kube, her face was glowing and her smile radiated. Now they are ENGAGED and I am so happy and honored to have been chosen once again to capture their love on camera. 

So Tuesday morning we met at 5:00am, yes you read that right. We started at the gym the two met at. Lauren decided to take up some MMA classes at the gym and Kube was her coach. So it was super special to both of them to have pictures that captured their goofiness and honestly an important part of their relationship. 

After the gym the couple got ready and we ventured out to Al Sabo Nature Preserve. This is one of my favorite places, but I had only ever shot here in the evenings. I am glad to say that sunrise may actually be one of my favorite things now. Every part of the morning sunrise was special. I am so grateful for these two and all of who they are. I can't wait ti photograph their Love Grows themed wedding next year!