Juan + Noemi Intimate West Michigan Wedding

Juan + Noemi Garcia | 04.07.18

Leading up to the days before the wedding, Michigan as unpredictable as it is had been raining, snowing and hailing. We weren't quite sure what the weather would do on wedding day but when the day arrived it was a nice gift to see the sun shining even if it was cold (20 degrees to be exact).  

I started the morning in their new apartment in Kalamazoo, where Noemi was getting ready. We chatted about her excitement and about her second wedding (yup, this couple had two weddings). Noemi is from Florida and Juan is from here in Michigan. The two met years ago at a church convention, and the rest is history. After leaving the bride we headed to the church, and to my surprise the church we were at was the very church I attended when I was maybe six or seven years old (this is where I first met Juan and his lovely family). 

While we were taking his pictures, Juan kept asking about Noemi and asking about the way she looked. Each time we said something about her, his face instantly lit up. The ceremony was sweet, powerful and simple. It always makes me smile when I see two people who truly have God at the center of their relationship. These two individuals were no exception. Their reception was held at Warner Vineyards the place was small and yet elegant. Because this was the smaller wedding there was no dancing. Just a bunch of Michigan family and friends gathered in one place to celebrate the couple. I think that's what I loved most about their day, it was seeing their family and friends smile, cry and cheer the couple on. It was them enjoying each others company and enjoying delicious food. What more could you ask for? 

Sometimes the simpler weddings are the ones people remember the most! 

Thank you for trusting me, friends. I am so glad I was there to document your special day!