Theresa + Chris — Arcadia Ales | Kellogg Manor

"It is very likely that we won't do engagement pictures, but I'd at least like to know my options if we decide to change our minds.....Neither Chris or I are particularly photogenic people." 

Those are exact words from my sweet friend Theresa. She tends to make me laugh. Mainly because she is super stunning! I don't think the possibility of a bad picture is possible with her.

 Some people may have seen this as an obstacle and I saw this as a challenge I was willing to take. After we met they both agreed to having an engagement shoot done. Once they agreed I began to think about all the ways I could make this fun. So just a few days before their engagement shoot it dawned upon me late at night to ask them if they like beer. I texted Theresa and her answer was YES! (Turns out the two share a beer every Thursday night at a local brewery) BOOM and how cute! There was my shot to get them comfortable. So sure enough that is where our adventure began. 

Arcadia Ales: (which you should check out if you haven't already) there the two shared a beer and even had a beer chugging competition. We then made out way to the Kellog Manor Home in Hickory Corners, MI. This is where Chris proposed.

I had never been there and upon arriving and walking a minute I spotted the cutest greened-leafed wall up a big hill. So yes we climbed a hill to get to this beautiful wall. There was dancing, and kisses, snuggles and goofy faces. We scouted the area a little more, and we walked to the exact spot that Chris had originally proposed to Theresa. Everything was perfect,  even the weather. I am incredibly excited to share the pictures from their shoot with you. I am even more excited for their August Wedding! 

Now Please enjoy this pictures!