Down by the Bay — Ander and Caterina

...and one day you'll realize that you have found the perfect person. 

         I used to dream of one day sanding ocean-side capturing a couple madly in love, ready for adventure. I just didn't realize that my dream was much bigger that what I was aiming for. Many of you know that a few short weeks ago my sister and I took a trip to Spain. Well, during that trip I was blessed with the opportunity to meet two very outgoing, fun and loving souls, Ander and Caterina.

Two weeks before heading to Spain, we communicated via Instagram for a bit, and then Caterina expressed her interest in having a shoot done by me. 

         It just happened to be I would be visiting the city they both lived in. So upon arrival to San Sebastián, Caterina met up with my sister and I. We spent time exploring the beautiful city beach-side. Come evening, Ander met up with us and that's where it all began. I am in extreme awe of these images, and I hope you all enjoy them. Ander and Caterina are two beautiful people and I am so happy we get to call them our friends, oh and Akira too (that her dog) who is super sweet. 

Okay, I am done talking now: enjoy the images! 

Location: Playa de La Concha, Biscay Bay, San Sebastián