In Home Couples Session | Lauren & Kube

Guys, I think I found my next favorite thing next to weddings....In Home Couple Sessions ♥

They say home is where the heart is, so what better of a spot to photograph a couple in love than in a setting that makes them feel the most comfortable. Instead of just going to a place that doesn’t necessarily have any significance, how about a session where you are surrounded by the things you treasure and value?

This weekend I had the chance to do one of these intimate and sweet sessions for a good friend of mine and her beloved boyfriend. I met Lauren through work and got a chance to know her through small talk and eventually keeping each other motivated to pursue some fitness goals. I remember when Lauren told me she had signed up to try MMA. For a moment in my mind I thought "What the heck is this little tiny, sweet girl doing?" But you know what I am glad she did. Signing up to try something new led her to meet David (Kube). He was one of the coaches who found Lauren to be sweet and silly. I haven't had much time to sit and get to know Kube, but it is so evident how much he loves her and treasures her. So capturing this session for the both of them was a complete pleasure. 

Below are some of my favorite moments from their session. Let's just say Lauren is hilarious and makes Kube laugh a lot! 

Cheers and Happy Monday Friends!