Michigan Based Wedding Photographer

Patty Leonor Norman



Hi, Hello, Hola!

…..my name is Patricia but all my friends call me Patty, and I’d love if you did too. 

I am a Michigan native, with a smokin’ hot husband. Together we have a sassy, loving corgi named Cinnamon. I like to think I am ordinary, but I know I am far from it, and you are too. People who share their soul have a place in my heart almost immediately. I appreciate rawness and I loathe small talk. My joy is found in the Lord, but other things that jazz up my life include: being barefoot, nature walks, a cup of coffee, and flowers. 

Traveling and meeting new people keep my soul happy. It always amazes me that God has created such a beautiful world with extraordinary people in it. I only hope to see as many of those places and hold conversations with as many of those people (you reading this included) 

I want to live my life knowing I gave my all. I want to use my talent until there in none more to give. I want to bless those who entrust me with their big celebrations and the little victories of life. But most of all my hope is to always leave knowing I enriched your life, whether you’re here looking for a photographer, or just browsing. I hope to have brought even an ounce of joy into your life.