Michigan Based Wedding Photographer

Patty Leonor Norman



Hi, Hello, Hola!

I'm Patty. I am a Jesus loving, coffee drinking, adventure seeking girl who happens to also speak Spanish. I grew up in Southwest Michigan in the city called Kalamazoo. When my husband isn't looking I sneak plant-babies into the shopping cart at Trader Joe's. I like anything floral, boho or simple. 

I recently married the most loving, caring, and compassionate human ever. We are complete opposite but we compliment each other well. He supports me in all I do, and if it weren't for him and the Lord I wouldn't be where I am today.

Some of my favorite things include: being barefoot (I loathe wearing shoes), soaking up the sun, eating sushi and tacos. For some reason I really like to watch shows that make me cry (This is Us, Grey's Anatomy). 

Traveling and meeting new people keep my soul happy. It always amazes me that God has created such a beautiful world with amazing people in it. I only hope to see as many of those places and hold conversations with as many of those people. I want to live my life knowing I gave my all. I want to use my talent until there in none more to give. I want to bless those who entrust me with their big celebrations and the little victories of life. But most of all I want to always God glory. 

This is me & This is Us!


Fun fact#1: Ruben and I were only engaged for 45 days. Somehow we managed to make time to have an engagement session. My good friend Leanna of Sage and Fern Photography is to thank for this picture. 


Fun Fact #2: We met on kalamazoo's city bus when my mom decided to bail on picking me up after school. I got on the bus to head home and with only one open seat left next to a random guy (yup, my husband) 


Fun Fact #3: you would never be able to tell from our pictures, but it was 20 degrees outside when we got married. We put on a brave face in order for Giving Tree Photography to take our pictures.